Monday, July 27, 2009

Old nostalgic items

My husband just got back from a trip to Arizona to visit his mom. He spent the time helping her get her house ready to sell. They didn't get it all done, but they made some progress. I'm glad he's home. He brought home an old rocker that is many many years old. It needs work on it. About 50 years ago his grandparents leased some land that had an old abandoned house on it and the rocking chair was in that house. It was old then, so I'm sure it's quiet old now. It is pretty. Years ago my husband replaced the rockers on it for his grandfather. Now it is ours.
He also brought home a lot of old tools that were his grandfathers. His Grandpa Barney would paint the handles of his hand tools either yellow or green. So now he has a collection of his Grandpa's tools.
My daughters are excited about he quilt tops that he brought home for each of our kids. They were made by his Grandma Barney, their great grandmother. I haven't seen them yet, since he left them with Michelle as he drove through Fort Smith on the way home.
The favorite thing for me, that he brought home, is a beautiful butterfly tray. It was a gift he brought home to his mother when he returned from his mission in Uruguay back in 1975. It is made from the butterflies of the Amazon. One thing that is significant to us now is that he bought it in Santana do Livramento, Brazil when he visited there for a conference. That is where our son Matt is currently assigned on his mission in Brazil. The glass is broken on the tray unfortunately, but it is still beautiful. I am thrilled to be able to display it in our house.