Thursday, April 9, 2009

I survived the storm. We got some big hail. It was bigger than quarter size. The storm was very fast moving and so while we were in the thick of it the sky was clearing to the west which gave the sky a very cool orange glow to it. The orange glow was caused by all the smoke in the air. On the news they said that Oklahoma has a lot of brush fires and homes burning. I'm posting a picture of the hail, the orange sky, and a cool one of the street light that came on when the storm got really dark and then went off when the storm had moved on by. And yes, instead of taking cover like the weatherman said to do as a lot of rotation was approaching Hartford, I was out taking pictures. What a fool. With thunder, lightening, and rain all around I had to balance the camera on the car top, and while holding an umbrella over it hold down the shutter release. I went inside during the hail. That was some BIG hail. In the picture of the hail I have a quarter and a nickel in the center.

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