Monday, April 27, 2009

Elder Lee and Elder Meireles with a cute Brazilian girl...

Matt's companion, Elder Meireles is getting transferred tomorrow. Matt will get a new companion, and he will have a friend from his first area back in the district with him. Elder Breinholt is coming to Sao Borja. They should have some good times!

Elder Meireles emailed this picture, with the following description:
"isnt this the cutest baby you've ever seen??


  1. Aren't those ones above the cutest missionaries you've ever seen? hahaha!!
    It has been a great experience for us supporting our only son in his mission (we have 3 daughters at home). I'm particularly glad he served with Elder Lee, a dedicated missionary, a great companion and a loyal friend. I'm sure Elder Meireles will miss him a lot (5 transfs together!). By the way, thanks for candy bars you sent him. He loved all of them.
    Good luck for our missionaries in their next area!
    Maria Rita Meireles Santos
    (Elder Meireles' mom)

  2. I am so excited to have Elder Meireles' mother comment on my blog! I wish she would send me her email address so I can write her back!

  3. And YES they are the cutest missionaries I've ever seen!