Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Time!

This past weekend was so fun. We had a great time being together. We went to the Ft. Smith Southside/Northside football game. David and I, Michelle and Ethan, Diana and David, Ryan and Sarah, and Cara and Eric. Eric came down from Missouri to spend time with Cara. We missed Matthew, but we know he is happy serving the Lord in Brazil. We started out at Ethan's parents house in Fort Smith. Michelle had cooked a yummy dinner of chicken and fish and couscous. We then had the great Habanero pepper challenge. I'll explain a little about that. Eric is determined to get Cara to appreciate the benefits of eating Hot peppers so he brought some habaƱero peppers with him. He tried to get Cara to eat one before we left Hartford. I will attach a video of that episode. Cara wouldn't try too much, so after Eric ate his pepper, Cara's Dad suggested he kiss her to help her experience the burn, so he did. She got a good burn going that way. Cara's friend Hannah came to the family party in Ft. Smith and she agreed to eat a pepper. They had a fake mustache for Hannah to wear while she ate the pepper, but the pepper caused her to sweat it off right away. It was funny to watch those crazy people eat their peppers. But watch the videos and you will see what I mean. We then went to the football game and had a great time together. It was unusual for me to sit in the bleachers, since I usually have to walk the sidelines at our football games taking pictures for the yearbook. I took several pictures, that I will post. My favorite is the one of my pregnant daughter and my pregnant daughter-in-law sitting there eating pickles.
The rest of the weekend was fun too. Ryan and Sarah spent the night at our house and I enjoyed spending some time with Sarah! She is a sweetie. Ryan taught Eric how to do a backflip on the trampoline. He was excited. So enjoy watching the videos and seeing the pictures from our weekend.

And now for the HabaƱero challenge for Hannah.

Now Eric shows Cara how hot it is:

And now time to cool down:

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