Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

For Halloween we went to a church party at a members house in Bonanza. Michelle, Diana, Caroline, Holly, Cara, and David and I went.Ethan and David chose to stay home and watch some football, which was fine. They had a fish fry (YUM) so David and I took a little break from our continual diets to enjoy it. The men that were doing the frying were sure working hard to keep up with demand. Holly was sooo cute as a little witch and Caroline was adorable as a little pirate (sword and all). They played games and went on the hayride. Caroline particularly liked catching the apples in the barrel. She cheated a little by catching them by the stem. She made a few returns back to the barrel so we had a good supply of apples. She also insisted on going on the hayride a 2nd time. Holly caught everyone's attention as she ran around. I kept overhearing remarks about how cute she was. I was glad we got to spend some time with them this Halloween. Cara had to answer lots of questions about who was the cute guy they saw her with on facebook. She left early to go to a friends party where she dressed up in a sari as a Hindu woman.

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