Friday, March 20, 2009

Elder Lee's video of his transfer on a bus

Here is a video of Elder Lee on the bus during his transfer to Sao Borja. I really enjoy the part with the Sister missionaries, since I was once a Sister missionary! By the way, when she refers to Elder Lee being with his dad for 3 transfers, that is missionary talk for being with his trainer for 3 transfers. They refer to their trainer as their father, or their dad.
We just got this video along with others from Elder Lee. He has been in Sao Borja now for 2 transfers and he thinks Elder Meireles will be transferred this next week. They will know for sure on Monday.
The Other video is of Elder Meireles and Elder Lee riding with a family in Brazil. It is one of the few times he has been in a car on his mission.

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