Saturday, March 14, 2009

A picture from Elder Lee

This week when Matt emailed us from his mission in Brazil, I asked him if he could take a picture and email it to us. I am always trying to picture where he is as he is emailing. So I was really excited when he sent this picture. Thanks Elder Lee! I love the picture! He has completed 8 and a half months of his 2 year mission. He is getting fluent in Portuguese, and has gained experience and has been having lots of opportunities to teach the gospel. He is loving it. I love him and miss him. Last night I had a dream about him. I just couldn't quit hugging him, so when I woke up I missed him so much. But I'm thrilled that he is doing what he knows is right. Being the mother of a missionary is a wonderful experience. While you miss your son, you are also very proud and happy for him. I know he misses us too, but he is happy to be in Brazil working as a missionary. Go Matt! Keep up the good work.

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