Sunday, February 15, 2009

Global Warming hysteria makes me crazy!

Cara and I went to church in Greenwood today. David went to Mena where, as the High Councilman, he got to preside over the yearly audit. It took him awhile after church to get that done so he was home pretty late. Cara left to go back to her apartment about 4, but it was nice to see her for awhile.

I spent awhile reading articles online. I read George Will's article about the Global Warming scam. I just can't believe that so many people have been fooled so badly. How can they fall for such flimsy evidence? Climate change is a constant and important part of the earths cycles. To think that man is causing it to warm too much, because of CO2 emissions is crazy. I remember all to well the scares about global cooling that were being blared all over in the seventies. I have more faith in God than to believe that he would create a world for his children that couldn't survive the ongoing progress and development of His children. What nonsense. Climatologists can't predict the weather with any accuracy for more than 10 days out, and often not even that, and yet we are to believe the computer models they put out that the earth will suffer severe harm in the warming that they say will get worse. They claim that we are going to hit a tipping point that will bring on death and destruction that no one can stop.
Oh please. They must think we are idiots. (Actually they do, but that's OK because I think they are idiots!) I have read a lot of stuff and it seems to me that there have been some pretty big flawed studies and reports and graphs (think hockey stick graph) that they use to push global warming on us. I believe that their motive is to gain the ability to gain more government control and strip away more of our freedoms. The sad thing is that the poor people of Africa are the ones really suffering. The radical environmentalists push real hard to stop them getting geoelectric power which would help those people so much.

Well enough of that. I just had to sound off.

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