Monday, February 9, 2009

It's 6:00 am and the wind woke me up at 5. We have some big storms moving in. The weather reports say that there is a high level of probability of damaging winds. There are 50 mile an hour wind gusts with this storm. We have also been warned that since we just had the ice storm that a lot of tree branches have been damaged which could increase the risk of damage with this storm. We need the rain - we are currently under a burn ban, which is strange since 2 weeks ago with the ice storm we were soaked. So I'm glad we will get rain, but I don't think we need the wind.

My biggest worry is that the wind will interrupt our internet connections at the school. That will make everything harder. Especially if I can't watch for Matthew's email!

I have been reading about the horrible fires set by arsonists in Australia. I am horrified by it. How sad that so many people were caught by these fires. How could people do things like set these huge and tragic fires?

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