Sunday, February 8, 2009

A great day!

Here are a couple pictures. The first one is of Diana and David and the 2nd is of Ryan and Sarah.
Today I had a treat. I got to go with my husband when he went to speak in the Fort Smith Ward of our church. He was the High Council speaker. Diana, David, Ryan, Sarah, and Cara were there, since they all live in Fort Smith, so I got to sit with them. It was wonderful. All too often lately I'm having to go to church alone and when you used to have a family with you that filled a whole row, it is a little sad. My Relief Society Presidency counselors were able to cover for me in Greenwood - Thanks Sister Rieske and Sister Webster - so away I went with my husband, feeling a little guilty, but enjoying it very much.

David spoke about the importance of unity. We as a church should have the unity that the Savior and our Heavenly Father had. It is important for our progress in the Kingdom. How can we do our Father's work if we are not united in love. It was a good talk.

It was so good to spend a little time with some of my family too. I miss them all during the time I am away from them. I know kids are supposed to grow up and leave home, but an empty nest is hard to get used to. But hey...there is a lot less laundry, the house stays cleaner longer, and the grocery bill is less. So there is an upside.

And now it's time to write a big email to my missionary son. Elder Lee has his p-day tomorrow and I can't wait to hear from him. Byeee......

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