Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Computer and New Safari Web browser

I just got a new computer. I really didn't want to buy one yet. I preferred to wait until a better time economically. My old Apple ibook G4 is dying and I knew it was a matter of time. I need a laptop to carry to work and back, and over the last 4 years of having one, I just can't stand the thought of not having one, so I decided to go buy a new one. My good husband wasn't thrilled, but he understood. He even understood when I decided to go a step up and get one slightly more expensive than I had planned. So there we were in BEST BUY at the apple section and I was debating which one to buy. I called Ryan, our family expert, and he was giving me advice and telling me what to look for. He had already done some research for me. I also finally got a blue shirted worker there to help me. Between what the two of them were telling me, I was convinced of the need for a dedicated video card and 2 gigs of whatever. You see, I don't really know or understand what goes on inside the computer, but I do know what I need it to do. I deal with LOTS of pictures and video. So I bought my laptop and then went to find my husband, who had wandered off, and then left to go out to eat.
I feel guilty as heck about the purchase, but whenever I get to feeling too guilty I get it out and discover something new and exciting about it. I love the onboard camera. I have been video chatting a couple times with Ryan and Sarah. That is so COOL! All my kids have got to have a webcam so we can video chat whenever we want. Wouldn't it be cool if my missionary son could video chat with us on Christmas and Mothers Day? Well the computers in Brazil barely do anything, and it is not allowed by the church at this point, but I see it moving in that direction some day, lucky dogs.
I just downloaded the new safari 4 web browser. All I can say is - Awesome! Try it out. It works for windows or apple.
It is faster and the start window is wonderful. Read about it here

Download it free here:

So far I am really impressed with it!

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