Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elder Lee got his birthday box!

I enjoyed Matt's emails yesterday. He has had problems with an ingrown toenail over the last few weeks and he thinks it's finally getting better. I sure hope so.

He got the 2nd birthday package I sent and he was excited. He says: "my dl (district leader) keeps telling me my mom is awesome. cause you send me cool stuff like m&ms. he says his mom keeps sendin him nerds. and yes i can buy the pasta here. mom you cant possibly know how much i love your packages. you can just see excitement radiating from my body. its like a part of home. plus i love using the stuff inside. i will be really excited to get the one you just sent though. but still, how many packages are on the way? i just need to know how many to expect. i am still eating the goodies. i already ate the combos. i still have the mandms. i got the package on friday. im waiting till my bday to open the presents. everything arrived well."

As you can see he doesn't capitalize anything! I hope when he returns from his mission and goes back to college he can adjust back to writing correctly. But I'm so excited that he got his birthday package. His birthday is next Sunday. One of the gifts is a photo book I made him. It turned out great. I think he will really like it. It has pictures of him, his family, and his friends. It has pictures from family vacations, camping trips, and holidays. He was wanting some pictures of those times and I thought this would be the best way to send them.

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