Saturday, February 7, 2009

      I decided the time has come to start my own blog. I don't know if anyone will be interested, but I can send my thoughts, ideas, and pictures flying out into cyberspace and maybe they will land somewhere. We are enjoying some really nice weather today. Cool and breezy, with a few clouds floating in a blue sky. After all the cold and ice, it is a nice change, especially on a Saturday. 
      I am missing my son Matthew, who is serving a two year mission in Brazil. He is loving his mission, so I am happy he is there, but my heart aches for a hug from him. Last night was homecoming at our school, which he graduated from just a year and a half ago. I saw some of his friends who asked about him. He has been gone for 7  months, and has just under a year and a half to go. We hear from him every Monday by email. I live for those wonderful emails. 
     I also wish I could see my 2 little darlings that live in Springdale, Arkansas - about 2 hours from here. I saw them last week, but I'm ready for another visit. Caroline just had her 4th birthday and Holly is about to turn 2. They are the cutest, busiest, most curious girls in the world. I love them sooooo much. Their parents Michelle and Ethan are busy trying to clean up their yard after the ice storm last week. I wish we could get there to help. I'd watch the little girls so they could work. (Big of me isn't it? )
     Our youngest daughter Cara is in her senior year of college at University of Arkansas Fort Smith. Today she is in Oklahoma City with her older syblings Ryan (and his wife Sarah) and Diana (and her husband David). They drove over yesterday and stayed in a hotel, that they got a real good deal on because Sarah works for the hotel chain. This morning they are attending the Oklahoma City Temple. We were supposed to go with them, but since homecoming was scheduled for yesterday, we had to be here. My husband, David, was an administrator on duty and I am the yearbook sponsor and had to take pictures. 
      Speaking of yearbook -- I have been working really hard on pages due by next Friday. It is our biggest and hardest deadline. My staff was mostly useless this week. Homecoming is a huge distraction. They all had to be out of class to paint banners, or decorate, or practice, or watch their friends doing those things. I just worked away and let them get this whole homecoming thing out of they systems. But this week will be a doozy (or is the doozey?) . They better be ready to work next week. 
      Sundays are different for me now. We attend church in Greenwood, about 20 minutes from here, but my husband has been called to the High Council so he must travel most Sundays to attend at other units of the church in the area. I would go with him, but I am the Relief Society President of our unit. I have to be there. We only have one car, so most of the time Cara comes home on Saturday night to go to church with me so I will have a ride. She is a sweetie. Of course we pay for her car insurance, so maybe she knows which side her bread is buttered on...Just kidding Cara! She lives in Fort Smith with Diana and David. 
     I'm hungry! I better go see what I can eat! Till later....

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